We are never happy are we?

So, having found that film photography is my new/old thing, and that the only camera I had was the admittedly great Olympus Trip 35, I started looking for another, more flexible film camera. I had started shooting some Street Photography on my iPhone so started exploring that genre. Several commentators had mentioned the Olympus 35 RC as a great option. Fully Auto or Manual takes easily available low cost and long living batteries (after conversion), and shoots 38 frames per roll! Super sharp Zuiko lens and about the same size in the hand as the Trip 35.  I started to search for one  I mentioned to a friend at work who is equally nuts about old cameras that I was on the hunt  he mentioned he may have one I could have, liberated from a thrift store  Naturally I agreed, agreed a price and took possession. It turned out that the RC was in less than perfect condition, with a sticky rangefinder. After an unsuccessful attempt to free things up I capitulated and took it to the excellent Luton Camera Repairs. Here it was treated to a full service, battery conversion and sorting of the RF issue. Now, this is my go to compact camera. Pocketable, light, and fast to shoot. Here is a few samples from the first roll of Ilford FP4 I ran through it. Not overly inspiring but showing potential.

Published by julianhiggs

A returning film photographer, darkroom builder and book maker.

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