Olympus OM2-SP – A Pro 35mm SLR

Ok, I know this is not a rangefinder, but it is a 35mm compact camera, a system camera I grant you, but a 35mm one and it is compact, as others have testified.


This camera got me onto the Olympus OM system fully. I had borrowed an OM 30 from a friend and had some success with it but the wind clutch seemed to be slipping, leading to overlapping frames. My brother-in-law had this OM2 SP laying dormant in a cupboard at home in New Jersey and offered me ownership.

Well, what would you say?

Having had just started my book project with a 35 SP rangefinder, a camera featured here, I felt I needed more control. I liked the OM30 but with it’s iffy advance the opportunity to use an OM with spot proved too good to pass up.

It has its well noted faults, battery drain being one of the most common, but if you just remember to take the batteries out after use its fine. Mine seems to have a tight film advance lever. It starts OK but as you progress through the roll it gets worse, maybe a trip to Luton Camera Repairs will solve this issue.

Since taking stewardship of this little gem I have invested OM glass, and have now collected the 28mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 50mm f1.4 and f1.8 and 100mm f2.8 and a couple of Vivitar lenses that came with the OM2n purchased recently. More will undoubtedly follow. These also get to played with on a Sony digital body. They are lovely lenses.

Have a look at these images and let me know what you think

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A returning film photographer, darkroom builder and book maker.

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