Olympus XA – Proper camera in a small package

Since getting back film photography over the last two years or so, like many others, I seem to have accumulated a number of different cameras. Some of which the first time round I would never have considered. One of those cameras is the much praised but diminutive Olympus XA.

In my first film photography life, I could not wait to get away from a compact camera. The SLR was the pinnacle of my equipment desires, and for me, the Pentax K1000 was that.

But since re-discovering film with a storage box found Olympus Trip 35 belonging to my wife from I-don’t-know-how-many years ago, the compact scale focus and rangefinder camera has found a place in my heart.

Fast forward to just a few months ago, and now I actively look out for old cameras that pique my interest. A local antiques centre to me does house clearance and sometimes interesting camera gear pops up in there. On the day I went into the shop for a rummage through the box I came upon this little gem. Complete with the original box, the detachable A11 flash unit, a case and even film left in it.

Having read on this very site a couple of XA articles, I knew that this was a camera of some reputation, with its tiny dimensions, cute clamshell case and tack sharp 35mm f2.8 Zuiko lens. The controls are a little fiddly for my larger hands, especially the focus lever, but not enough to cause a major problem. The viewfinder is small but bright enough. The big red shutter button being electronic is also a little sensitive. A quick check over as the batteries were still good, it all seemed to work.

I finished off the roll of Kodak film that was in it, it was so old that everything was massively under exposed. But having a roll of Ilford HP5+ in stock and a trip into London for my day job to do, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to give the little Olympus XA a proper test drive.

I think for me street photography is where this little camera excels. Small, black, discreet and almost silent when shooting (not the wind on though, that clicks like a tiny football rattle). If you use zone focus it become a cracking little point and shoot. I love it.

Below are a selection from that first roll of the found film and HP5+, let me know what you think.

Beach Vignette
Beach Vignette from the film found inside the XA
1 New Change
Glass Valley – 1 New Change London
St Pauls Garden
St Pauls Garden – London
St Pauls
St Pauls Dome – London
St Pauls Dome Reflection
Reflection – St Paul’s Dome

Published by julianhiggs

A returning film photographer, darkroom builder and book maker.

2 thoughts on “Olympus XA – Proper camera in a small package

  1. Excellent series, even the colour one has its charm.
    l wonder what it will be like in 30 odd years, when someone comes across an old camera; if it still has a memory card, could it be read.
    There is a lot going for film & longevity.


    1. Thanks! I agree, finding an old film AND getting something out of it is a real treat. I have someone pass me an old C22 film ( obsolete colour process) that I developed as a black and white. Must have been 40 years old. Managed to get the two frames that were exposed to yield an image.

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