New Project: The Craftsmen.

It’s been over a year since I wrote my longer piece about the importance of a long term photography project. My last project at The Vinyl Factory has been in the can for a few years and to be quite honest, at the time took over my though processes for too long. So, now, with a desire to do something else longer term I’ve decided the best way to approach another one is to break things down into smaller ‘projectettes’. Hopefully making it more manageable. The theory being that a short shoot with a subject can be done and put away, then move on to the next one. Sectionalising the work is to speak. Ultimately though, each part will have a common theme and add up to the larger body of work. Below is a few of the first batch from a session with a local tailor. Nicky is 84 at the time of the pictures, and three days later was going to have a knee replacement, so I had little time to get in. A fabulous craftsman, and been involved in the trade since he was a boy, coming to the UK working at various jobs including a gardener and owning his own garment factory in Luton. It’s quite a story. And I thought he made a worthy subject to start off this project.

Following on from this I made contact with a local glass blower, Ricky. I didn’t even know that we had a creative glass bower in the area. We managed to make what I thought were some really interesting images. You can see his work here.

Since starting this project I have discovered many local craftsmen and women, all doing their thing. It’s been a real pleasure to discover these people chipping away at their own niche of creativity. It has inspired me to extend my own creative processes into the world of film making, so there is a link here to a short documentary I made about a local spoon carver. David Yule.

I met David through doing some paid work with a commercial joinery company that fits out top end houses and hotels etc. He has worked there full time since coming to the UK having lived abroad for a long time. He asked me if I would like to use him as a subject for my project.

Having been asked to possibly make a short film for an other craft client I asked if I could use him as a test subject. The results are below

Ultimately though this body of work will form part of my portfolio and he portraits will be entered into the BJP Portrait of Britain Awards for 2020, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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A returning film photographer, darkroom builder and book maker.

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