I began taking pictures, as most people do, as a child of about 10 with a camera bought by my parents as a gift. A Halina 110. My friend and I had enormous amounts of fun messing around taking ‘action shots’ of each other jumping off things, playing with perspective and generally just taking pictures.

My father was always taking pictures, transparencies with his Ricoh Auto 35, a simple, automatic view finder camera, no batteries, and no focus adjustment. Eventually upgrading to a Pentax K1000 which I inherited after he passed away. This I now realise is a legendary camera. To my shame, I sold after having it in my possession for a number of years, and completed a City & Guilds in Black and White Photography with it at a local college, and setting up a dark room at my parents house when I still lived there. Criminal now I look back.

I bought a small Panasonic Lumix digital compact. I had this for years as my only camera. It was great, but did not offer the control of the Pentax. and never had it with me when I wanted it so I started shooting with my iPhone and discovered iPhone Photography as a ‘thing’. Always with me, easy to edit and then share your images with family and friends or the wider photo community through Instagram or Twitter.

Then in the summer of 2016 I came across an old Olympus Trip 35 that had belonged to my wife, back in the day. I thought about selling it on eBay. had a look at the prices they were going for and thought it was not worth the trouble of listing it for a £10.00 return. I was shooting my phone more often, I thought “I’ll run a film or two through it” just black and white, my old favourite of Ilford FP4 and HP5 see what comes out.

That was the start of my new love of film. and this is a selection the image set from that first roll that got me hooked.

Since then I have acquired a range of film cameras, some lent, some donated, some bought. In both 35mm and medium format. Setting up a Black and White Darkroom Collective as I type this now (November 2017) to help other analogue photographers or those interested in having a go with film, either for the first time or again.

After a year of flapping about aimlessly shooting things and trying to get ‘better’ it seems to me that the best thing to do with my pictures is to make books. and shoot images for book projects, like we used to, and some still do today, mixed in with a few commissions here and there and I should be kept quite busy.

If you would like me to produce any images for your use, make a book for you, provide editorial images or document an event, process or business activity, or just looking for some unique lifestyle photography, please do get in touch. I’ll see what I can do.

Since then film has returned to being a hoppy and I have been concentrating on developing my architectural photography in digital formats. This is my current focus for commercial work.

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