We are never happy are we?

So, having found that film photography is my new/old thing, and that the only camera I had was the admittedly great Olympus Trip 35, I started looking for another, more flexible film camera. I had started shooting some Street Photography on my iPhone so started exploring that genre. Several commentators had mentioned the Olympus 35Continue reading “We are never happy are we?”

Olympus Trip 35 – Legendary Camera

I suppose at this point I have to do a ‘gear’ post. As this was the camera that started my film renaissance it seems right to share this. The Olympus Trip is a simple fully automatic camera, no batteries required. Which is great. It has a hot shoe for a flash which I have never used.Continue reading “Olympus Trip 35 – Legendary Camera”

Building on success

So spurred on by the success of the Trip 35 shots at home and feeling the need to do something more challenging I decided that some real world docu-street photography was required. There are literally hundreds of people talking about street photography at the moment so I won’t elaborate on this genre here at theContinue reading “Building on success”

Where It All Started (again)

Read my about page to get a bit of background on this site and this post, but this is the picture set that made me fall in love with film again. Family photos of my granddaughter, grandson and my step-daughter with them both. nothing more, but the light in them I thought was wonderful. I wasContinue reading “Where It All Started (again)”